HYFLEX®: Advanced Mechanical Protection

Enhance Your Workplace Safety with HyFlex® Gloves

Lacerations are among the most frequent workplace injuries to occur. Thankfully, Ansell’s abrasion-resistant HyFlex gloves are engineered to shield your workers from cuts and abrasions while remaining lightweight and comfortable. 

Featuring protective gear with coverage for the hands, wrists, and beyond the elbow, the Hyflex product range is built for a wide range of dynamic applications. Additionally, the HyFlex gloves are made with blended materials to provide robust protection without compromising worker dexterity, ensuring each product would be suitable for all-day wear. 

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Almost 20% of all workplace injuries involve cuts and lacerations to the hand and fingers. Most of these could have been prevented with the right protection. #madewithHyFlex
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April 22, 2019

Legacy to Intercept

Ansell introduced INTERCEPT Technology, a proprietary cut resistant yarn, to provide the ideal balance of comfort, protection and dexterity. This new yarn is featured in the next generation of Ansell HyFlex cut protective gloves. Converting to INTERCEPT Technology from other branded yarns provides a lighter weight, and more comfortable alternative.
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Worker Experience Innovation Technologies


INTERCEPT Technology blends engineered, synthetic and natural fibers into high-performance yarns that provide high cut protection in targeted areas of cut risk, along with great comfort and high dexterity.
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ANSELL GRIP is a coating treatment that minimizes the force required to grip dry, oily and wet tools or materials, reducing hand and arm fatigue while improving dexterity, safety and productivity.
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Technology enhances the coating performance by integrating a resilient polymer formulation throughout the glove coating and/or in targeted high wear areas to extend the working life of the glove while improving worker comfort.
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RIPEL Technology is a repellent surface barrier that prevents oils, lubricants, chemicals or other liquids from making even incidental contact with the wearer’s skin.
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ZONZ knitting comfort technology uses selected yarns and varying knit construction to optimize overall glove fit and enhance hand movement for higher dexterity and reduced fatigue.
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ERGOFORM is a technology that enables Ansell to design safety solutions that support musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks to improve worker performance.
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