About AnsellGuardian®

AnsellGUARDIAN® is our proprietary service to help companies select the right Personal Protective Equipment solution and improve their safety and business performance.



While supplying safety solutions, we share our expertise to analyze, benchmark, implement and improve PPE-related operations and performance.



No matter what business, industry or application, we tailor and adapt solutions based on data-driven analytics.



Full implementation of our recommendations to ensure the success of PPE change management initiatives.

15000 + assessments

conducted since 2010.

148 $M total savings

(a $65K average) through injury reduction (65% average) and product optimization (25% average).*

55 + countries

currently covered in our global operations.

25000 chemicals

in our database and 20,000+ chemical assessments since 2010.

What we do

Safety & Compliance

We provide personalized risk management solutions for industrial or chemical environments that lead to improved worker safety, increased regulatory compliance and injury reduction.

Cost Performance

We implement business performance improvements that result in lower overall costs for your company.


We deliver best-practice recommendations to optimize your PPE dispensing, improve your company’s output and eliminate waste, leading to increased overall productivity.

How we do it

By focusing on the most relevant areas, Ansell can deliver best-practice recommendations that have the most impact on your business.

Initial report findings

1. Analyze

Ansell/customer team discuss business objectives and understand safety requirements.

In plant assessment

2. Benchmark

Understand needs, establish current performance baseline to later quantify improvements.


3. Improve

Development of an implementation plan for business improvement.


4. Measure

Quantify the success of the program against baseline measurements and establish new benchmarks.


5. Expansion

Implementation of plan throughout your organization.

Validation testing

6. Commitment

We continue to monitor the success and performance of our recommendations and make adjustments as your business changes over time.

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* Data based upon Ansell GUARDIAN global surveys since 2014. Final results may vary.