Ansell is committed to effective corporate governance. By putting in place the right governance framework, the Board and management have set a culture of integrity, transparency and accountability that permeates throughout the company.


Ansell continues to make progress with strategies that will grow our business in a sustainable manner. Recognizing the growing importance of sustainability issues, the Ansell Board has widened the brief of its Risk Committee, and renamed it the CSR & Risk Committee.


Our governance framework ensures the long-term health of the company, and we will continue to engage with our stakeholders to understand and respond to issues that are important to our employees, customers, investors, distributors, suppliers, regulators, CSR rating agencies and advocacy groups.

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Sustainability Stories

October 23, 2017 Governance

Ansell's First Capital Markets Day

Ansell has been recognized by the Australian Investor Relations Association after hosting its first Capital Markets Day in Australia. Each of Ansell's 13 Executive Leadership Team members presented at the Sydney event and provided attendees with greater appreciation of Ansell business fundamentals, strategic direction and growth plans.  
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Corporate governance policies


The Ansell Limited constitution outlines the rules and principles governing the company.

Board and committees

To support the constitution, the Board has put in place a Board Charter, which together with the Board committee charters, clearly identifies roles and responsibilities:

Other Governance Policies

In addition to the above documents, below are other policies which support Ansell’s Corporate Governance Statement and framework.