Dean Clark
Dean Clark 2017年08月16日

Glove Coatings Explained

Glove coatings help to protect hands from oil exposure and from mechanical risks. Do you understand the differences between the various glove dip coatings?

Gloves are commonly available with three coating types to address a wide range of application-specific needs. These provide workers with a range of protection solutions that are tailored to address the risk of oil or industrial fluid exposure, and to protect areas of the hands from abrasion or snag injuries.

Selecting the right glove dip coating for the task and risk profile benefits everyone. Workers benefit from comfort and protection, avoiding the need to frequently remove or replace gloves when they become saturated and uncomfortable.

The fact sheet includes information on palm, ¾ and full dip glove coatings, applications they are suitable for, as well as comfort levels of each type of glove.