In accordance with global human rights, labor standards, country law and Ansell values, we support and respect the rights of our employees and communities in the 55 countries in which we operate. We continuously strive to maintain world-class occupational safety and health performance, keeping our coworkers safe on the job, whether that means a manufacturing facility in Malaysia, an office in Belgium, or a warehouse in the United States. As a safety company, we particularly want to take care of the people who take care of us – from our valued coworkers to stakeholders in our supply chain; from our customers to the communities in which we operate.

Human Rights Goals

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Workplace Safety

Sustain the lowest accident rates in the industry, with continued year over year reduction in lost-time injuries (LTIs) and medical treatment injuries (MTIs).

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Gender Diversity

Achieve 30% women at Director level and above and 40% at Manager though Associate Director and 50% women at Board level by end of FY20.

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Employee Engagement

Ensure that Ansell employee engagement scores approach best in class levels globally by the end of 2025.


Partner with top 10 global suppliers to become 100% compliant in the completion of standardized CSR self-audits by the end of FY2025.

Sustainability Stories