At Ansell, our passion is your protection. But protecting workers and companies comes with a responsibility towards people and planet.

As a manufacturing company operating internationally, we have spent much of the last decade innovating, sharply improving our sustainable practices and environmental and social governance. By embedding related objectives into our business, and implementing fairer labor standards across our global operations, we have proven that corporate sustainability can help foster growth, not impede it.

For Ansell, doing better has always been a strategic commitment. Our 2021 Sustainability Report sets out our values and ambitions across three interwoven dimensions: Better Society, Better Environment, and Better Business. Everything we do begins – and ends – with safety, and to better protect people, we must also protect the world we live in.

Sustainability Stories

August 30, 2021 Community

Ansell Donates To UNICEF In India

Ansell has joined hands with UNICEF in India, contributing USD $100,000 to provide life-saving medical equipment like oxygen concentrators and diagnostic testing systems, hygiene and critical care supplies.
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Sustainability Pillars

Human Rights

A Culture of Safety and Integrity

In accordance with global human rights, labor standards, country law and Ansell values, we support and respect the rights of our employees and communities in which we operate. We continuously strive to maintain world-class occupational safety and health performance, keeping our coworkers safe on the job, whether that means a manufacturing facility in Malaysia, an office in Belgium, or a distribution center in the United States. As a safety company, we particularly want to take care of the people who take care of us – from our valued coworkers to stakeholders in our supply chain; from our customers to the communities in which we operate.
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Addressing the Needs of People

Ansell is helping people around the world improve their safety and well-being. We support non-profit organizations aligned with our four corporate social responsibility pillars. These organizations are educating young people to build a more sustainable future, bringing wellness education to our coworkers and their families, and helping communities recover when disaster strikes. Through a range of volunteer and charitable activities, we aim to address the specific needs of local communities.
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Targeting Environmental Improvement

At Ansell, we continue our journey toward becoming a more eco-friendly company by improving our environmental management standards and minimizing our carbon footprint. In our commitment to reduce climate impact, we are establishing achievable, multi-year reduction targets for GHG emissions, water, energy, and waste. As we move forward on our sustainability journey, driven by coworker engagement, strategic partnerships, technological innovation and operational advances, we will continue to make steady progress toward these goals.
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Integrity, Transparency and Fairness

Ansell continues to make progress with strategies that will grow our business in a sustainable manner, based on the principles of integrity, transparency and fairness. Recognizing the growing importance of sustainability issues, the Board has widened the brief of its Risk Committee, and renamed it as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Risk Committee. Our governance framework ensures the long-term health of our company, and we will continue to engage with our stakeholders to understand and respond to issues that are important to our employees, customers, investors, distributors, suppliers, regulators, CSR rating agencies, and advocacy groups.
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