Mechanical protection


Cut and Oil Protection

Whether you need maximum or minimal cut and oil resistance, we have a glove that ensures the right level of protection for you, without sacrificing comfort or dexterity.
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Multi-Purpose Protection

We offer a large selection of multi-purpose gloves that provide varying degrees of protection, dexterity, and grip for a wide range of applications.
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Specialized Protection

Hand and finger injuries are among the top injuries in industries with risk of impacts. Constant vibration can cause damage to the hand, wrist, and arm and result in permanent numbness and loss of dexterity. That’s why we offer our Ringers high-impact gloves with built-in protection, dexterity, and comfort to keep hands safe in various industries.
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Safety Assessment

Ansell GUARDIAN® is our proprietary service to help companies select the right Personal Protection Equipment solution to improve their safety, productivity and cost performance.
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Our latest innovations


HyFlex 11-542 Black Product Automotive Application - Hood

redefine your COMFORT ZONE™

Inadequate hand protection can lead to worker distraction, loss of focus or even glove removal, leaving workers dissatisfied unproductive or worse potentially at risk.

For those 6 out of 10 workers exposed to oil, daily outdated solutions are still being used which can lead to frustration and discomfort.

We can help reduce this frustration by redefining the worker’s comfort zone.


Ansell’s cut protection solutions have been tested in accordance to the latest EN 388:2016 standard. EN ISO cut level resistance is measured in Newtons and ranges from 2N (level A) through 30N (level F). The more weight required to cut through the glove material, the higher the ratings. Let this poster guide you on how to protect hands against cut injuries.
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The Most Recognized Hand-Protection Brand in the World

HyFlex gloves and sleeves are ergonomically designed to provide an ideal balance of comfort, protection and dexterity for industrial applications including those that require precision handling of small or sharp parts.