Skincare and Impact on Healthcare Workers during COVID-19

Join Associate Professor Rosemary Nixon AM, Dermatologist and Occupational Physician, from Skin Health Institute, as she explores skincare concerns and the impact on health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. You will learn about rashes as it relates to face and hand protection, problems with personal protective equipment (PPE), especially gloves and masks, as well as how to minimize and manage occupational dermatitis.

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Managing the Ambulatory Care Setting Through COVID-19

Join Debbie Lichtenberg, BSN, RN, CIC certified infection prevention professional who has been on the frontline in a large teaching hospital in Boston, MA during the pandemic. She discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the ambulatory care setting and the unique challenges it poses, provides a review of key considerations for managing daily operations and highlights the necessary procedures and resources to keep staff, patients and visitors safe.

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COVID-19 and Laboratory Services

Join Maureen Spencer, M.Ed, RN, CIC, FAPIC, Infection Preventionist Consultant, and prolific writer and researcher, as she describe the impact of COVID-19 and recommended preventative practices, discusses key considerations for establishing a safe environment for lab personnel, and reviews the PPE required for different activities carried out in the lab relating to handling and processing COVID-19 specimens.

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Impact of Low Quality PPE on Infection Control

Join Dr. Cath Murphy, Standards Manager for the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) and global expert in infection prevention and control, as she discusses the risk of using low quality personal protective equipment in healthcare settings and the impact it has on infection control. You will learn the global and national practices dictating the manufacturing standards of PPE quality, as well as how to assess PPE and glove quality for ensuring high protection levels.

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Reopening Dental Practices: Infection Control Challenges

Join Dr. Roslyn Franklin, BDSc, GCert Infection Prevention and Control specialist and dentist as she presents best practices when preparing to reopen dental practices. With her respected consultancy business, Amalgamate, Roslyn has focused on working with and educating dental teams to achieve realistic and best practice infection prevention and control practice in Australia. Watch as she provides you with realistic and evidence-based infection control measures to reduce risk and improve safety for all workers and patients.

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Berufsbedingte Latexallergie

Lernen Sie, zwischen allergischen Reaktionen vom Typ I und Typ IV und einer Dermatitis zu unterscheiden; erkennen Sie das Auftreten und die Ursachen und Symptome einer Latexallergie; erfahren Sie mehr über die Diagnose einer Typ-I-Allergie; identifizieren Sie Strategien und aktuelle Empfehlungen zur Reduzierung der Fälle einer Latexallergie.
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Sind Sie in Fragen des Handschuhwechsels auf dem neuesten Stand?

Informieren Sie sich näher über aktuelle Fragestellungen zur Handschuhintegrität und ihrer Auswirkungen auf Fallzahlen, Risiko und Prävention von postoperativen Wundinfektionen. Erläuterung der Wichtigkeit, die individuelle Handschuhanwendung mit zentralen Praxisstandards, Produktinnovationen und den neuesten evidenzbasierten Empfehlungen abzugleichen.
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Berufsbedingte Hautkrankheiten in einer Tierklinik

Überblick der Risiken und Fallzahlen von berufsbedingten Hauterkrankungen in der tiermedizinischen Praxis auf der Basis aktueller Publikationen.  Informationen über die Auswirkungen, Prävention und Behandlungsverfahren in Verbindung mit Kontaktdermatitis und irritative Kontaktdermatitis, allergische Kontaktdermatitis, Kontakturtikaria und Latexallergie.
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Gesunde Hände und Einhaltung der Handhygiene: Ist eine Koexistenz möglich?

Informieren Sie sich näher über den Zusammenhang zwischen Handhygiene, Flächen und Handschuhverwendung bei der Übertragung von innerhalb des Gesundheitssystems erworbenen Infektionen (HAI). Es werden Empfehlungen für bewährte Verfahren vorgestellt sowie Maßnahmen zum Schutz der Hautintegrität und Lösungen gegen Hautreizungen.
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Dental Webinars

Would Your Practice Be Prepared for an OSHA Inspection?

Join Mary Govoni, CDA, RDA, RDH, MBA, CEO of Mary Govoni & Associates, as she discusses the new regulations dental practitioners must follow to pass an OSHA inspection. After COVID-19, new guidelines have been implemented in dental to ensure safe patient interactions. Mary Govoni highlights these changes and helps you prepare for an inspection with the new guidelines post COVID-19.

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