Maintaining the highest standards, wherever it may be

In accordance with universal human rights, international labour standards, country law and our own corporate values, we support and respect the rights of our employees and their communities, in the 55 countries in which we operate. We continuously strive to maintain world-class occupational safety and health performance, keeping our co-workers safe on the job, whether it be a manufacturing facility in Malaysia, an office in Belgium, or a warehouse in the United States. As a safety company, we take care of the people who take care of us. From our valued co-workers to stakeholders within our supply chain; from our cherished customers to the communities in which we operate; Ansell protects.


Other Areas of Focus

Responsible Glove Alliance (RGA)

Since March 2022, we are a founding member of the Responsible Glove Alliance (RGA), which strives for fairer labour standards.

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Other areas of focus

Donations and Community Outreach

Wherever we operate, we are part of community life. Donations and volunteering enable us to protect people and planet further.

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Ansell is pleased to announce that ONELAND has been selected as the recipient of its Australian Indigenous Program, which aims to provide financial support to established programs that improve the lives of Australia’s First Nations People.

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By embracing change and transforming our company through increasingly sustainable practices, we can build a brighter future.

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Through our governance framework and policies, we reflect our company’s culture and values. Those of integrity, transparency and fairness.

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