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When EMS professionals, law enforcement officers and others in the line of duty are called on to respond to an emergency, they need to focus their attention on the task at hand. Whatever hazards they face, they should feel confident their PPE will protect them. That’s why Ansell has a wide range of hand protection, body protection and other EMS PPE solutions proven to protect against the real-world hazards that first responders face.

NFPA Certified

Ansell has a range of solutions that meet National Fire Protection Association requirements for EMS PPE such as NFPA 1999 Standard on Protective Clothing and Ensembles for Emergency Medical Operations and NFPA 1991 Standard on Vapor-Protective Ensembles for Hazardous Materials Emergencies and CBRN Terrorism Incidents.  This means emergency responders can trust Ansell solutions to perform when it matters most.

Innovative Hand & Body Protection Solutions

Ansell is continuously exploring how to improve the comfort, protection and performance of our first responder PPE at our world-class innovation centers.  Some of our latest products include MICROFLEX Lifestar EC, a dual layer exam glove proven to resist both fentanyl and gastric acid for more than 240 minutes, and AlphaTec Evo Type CV/VPI a unique chemical protection suit approved for use in explosive environments.  

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Ansell has been a trusted, worldwide leader in safety solutions for more than 125 years.  We have earned that distinction as a result of decades of commitment to quality and customer service. To learn more about our wide range of first responder PPE, contact one of our customer service representatives.

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